Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research


Section – 8 of the University of Peshawar Statute 2016 regarding the Constitution, Functions and Powers of Authorities of the University states as under:

SECTION – 8 Functions of the Advanced Studies & Research Board

  1. Advice the Authorities on all matters connected with the Promotion of Advanced Studies and Research in the University;
  2. Consider and report to the Authorities on the institution of research degrees in the University;
  3. Propose Regulations regarding the award of research degrees;
  4. Appoint Supervisors for research students and determine subjects of their theses;
  5. Recommend panels of names of examiners for evaluation of thesis and other research examinations;
  6. Approval of research proposals of LLM / MS / M.Phil or equivalent and PhD thesis and dissertation; and
  7. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Rules / Regulations.

The Directorate of Advanced Studies will perform the following functions:

  1. The Director will be Member / Secretary of the Advanced Studies & Research Board (ASRB). In this capacity, he / she will prepare / issue agenda and minutes of ASRB;
  2. All post admission tasks, spelled out below, under the University of Peshawar M.Phil/PhD Regulations 2005 shall be dealt with by the Directorate:
    • Confirmation of admissions in all research programs;
    • Granting approval of course work;
    • Notification regarding approval of Research Topic;
    • Notification regarding extension in study period;
    • Seeking approval of M.Phil/PhD examiners (recommended by the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee) from the Vice Chancellor.
  3. Until the infrastructure and manpower demands of the Office of Controller of Examinations are met, the Directorate shall also deal with the post thesis submission activities such as:
    • Receive M.Phil/PhD theses from the candidates and send them to the appointed examiners
    • Receive Thesis Evaluation Reports from the examiners and communicate improvement suggested by the examiners to the candidate through supervisor;
    • Receive corrected version of thesis from the candidate;
    • Arrange M.Phil/PhD viva voce / public defence, respectively;
    • Receive results of M.Phil viva voce or PhD Public Defence from the examiners and seek approval from the Vice Chancellor for the declaration of results;
    • Send the case to the Controller of Examinations for the Declaration / Notification of results.
  4. Processing payment to the MS/M.Phil/PhD Supervisors / Co-Supervisors and Examiners.