Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research


Promotion of higher education through quality research.


The Directorate of Advanced Studies will concentrate on the following:

  1. To regulate M.Phil and PhD programs in accordance with the rules in vogue;
  2. To organize training programs for the young scholars both on the campus and at Bara Gali Summer Campus in collaboration with the Centre for Staff Development & Training (CSDT) in areas such as: writing of research proposals, conduction of qualitative, quantitative and scientific research, and the presentation skills;
  3. To suggest ways and means for capacity building of the would-be supervisors;
  4. To explore avenues of collaboration with agencies active in research both nationally and internationally;
  5. To promote quality research in the light of guidelines received from the HEC and also benefit from the experiences of other research institutions of standing;
  6. To encourage research that seeks to promote the welfare of mankind at large.