Department of Computer Science

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The Department of Computer Science at the University of Peshawar, one of the prestigious public-sector universities of Pakistan, is a seat of higher learning in Computer Science in Pakistan. Established in 1985, it is oldest public sector institution of Computer Science education in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one of the oldest in Pakistan. As the founding institution for Computer Science education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Department of Computer Science has played a pioneering role in the advancement of Computer Science education and growth of IT sector in the province. The contributions by the department in this respect have been wide-ranging and pervasive. Some of such contributions include a leading role in the design and implementation of secondary and tertiary-level educational programs and curricula, supporting relevant ministries and bodies in the province in structuring and regulating Computer Science education in Khyber Pakhtunkwa, and assisting the government in the formulation and execution of IT policy for the province. Besides, the department has closely worked with national-level organizations for higher education to strengthen overall research and academics in universities.

The department has maintained strong links with industry to explore joint ventures and has produced a large alumnus that can be found working in industry, academics, and research within the country and many parts of the world.

The Department of Computer Science is housed in an elegant, classical-style building at a close distance to Road Number 2 and adjacent to the teachers students center (TSC). With the front to Road Number 2, it overlooks the scenic botanical garden that gives it an exquisite look. The department is served by a good number of foreign-qualified faculty that is actively involved in research on current topics in computer science. Some areas of research at the Department of Computer Science are Semantic-Web/Web-Engineering, Software Engineering, Data Ware Housing and Data Mining, Computer Networks, Image Processing and Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. The department offers Master (by research), Ph. D., and the conventional MSc. (master by coursework) programs in Computer Science. Its Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program is one of the best in the country. The Department has internal library with a good supply of books and well-equipped and well-furnished laboratories. Access to major research journals and other resources is available through HEC and university subscribed links and accounts.     

Vision & Mission

The department seeks to acquire the highest standard in research and academics. The unending mission of the department is to keep acquiring resources and capacities to equip students for high-end research and industry-level job-demand. The aim thus is to generate knowledge and impart skills that will enable students in their career goals and benefit the society at large in terms of adequate supply of skilled work-force and new ideas for solving problems. The department has the following vision to achieve this aim.

  • Strengthening research and academics through up to date curricula, adequate infrastructure, well-qualified faculty, academic and research collaboration with other universities both within and outside the country, and arrangement of conferences, symposia, and conferences.
  • Collaboration with industry and market-sector. Collaboration with industry brings rich dividend and is beneficial both ways. It helps universities assess industry needs and identify gaps in industrial practices and process and industry to identify skills and knowledge to tape to improve their practices. The department will strengthen its links with industry.
  • Focus on local needs and problems. Use of technology pervades all aspects of our lives yet effective use of information technology still evades local businesses, organizations, and market sector.  The reason for this is, organizations have rules and practices local to our society. Most of the research unfortunately targets the needs and problems of industrialized societies. The department will gear its research to local needs and problems.

Seminars, job fairs, and career-counselling provide important opportunities for students to target potential employers and employers to target potential human resource. The department will intensify job-fairs, seminars, and related activities and attract reputed firms and companies to enable contacts between students and potential employers.