The Academic Council

The Academic Council of the University of Peshawar consist of:

  1. The Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson;
  2. The Chairpersons of Teaching Departments or Directors of academic institutes/units;
  3. The Deans;
  4. All Professors including Emeritus and Meritorious Professors;
  5. Six university teachers including two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors and two lecturers to be elected from amongst themselves in the manner prescribed by Statutes;
  6. Two Principals, preferably one female, of affiliated colleges, one each from public and private sector, to be nominated by the relevant administrative Secretary of the Government department;
  7.  One Principal of the constituent college, to be nominated by the Senate;
  8. The Director Admissions;
  9. The Controller of Examinations; and
  10. The Registrar, who shall be its member-cum-secretary.