The Syndicate

The Syndicate of the University of Peshawar consist of:

Name Tenure
From To
1.Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rasul Jan Vice-Chancellor Chairman (Ex-Officio)
2. Justice  (Retired) Hamid Farooq Durrani, Peshawar High Court, Peshawar 28.07.2015 27.07.2018
3. The Deans, Faculty of Arts & Humanities (Ex-Officio)
4. The Dean, Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Studies
5. The Dean, Faculty of Life & Environmental Sciences
6. The Dean, Faculty of Management & Inf. Sc
7. The Dean, Faculty of Numerical & Phy. Sc
8. The Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
9. The Secretary to Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Higher Education Department (Ex-Officio)
10. The Principal, Army College of Education, Peshawar Cantt (Female) 05.05.2016 04.05.2019
11. The Principal, Brains Post Graduate College, University Road, Peshawar 05.05.2016 04.05.2019
12. Prof. Dr. Hizbullah Khan 27.06.2015 26.06.2018
13.  Dr. Jamil Ahmad, Associate Professor 24.06.2016 24.06.2018
14. Mr. Gohar Rehman, Assistant Professor 19.05.2016 18.05.2019
15. Mr. Derwaish Khan, Lecturer 19.05.2016 18.05.2019
16. Prof. Dr. Nasir Jamal Khattak 07.10.2015  06.11.2017
17. One Administrative Officer to be elected from amongst themselves in a manner as may be prescribed by Statutes    
18.The Registrar (Ex-Officio)
19.The Treasurer (Ex-Officio)