Career Development Centre


Higher Education Commission (HEC) launched a project “Strengthening of University of Peshawar” in order to support the administrative structure and boost research and career-based activities in the University. The project has four components namely Career Development Center, Office of Research, Fund Raising Office, and Communications Office. The CDC serves students of every academic level, helping them explore their respective careers, get internships, find part-time jobs, and write a professional resume.

At CDC, the mission is to be a gateway to career services in University of Peshawar by providing students with a strong foundation for career development. CDC is a student-focused center that provides opportunities for undergraduate students to cultivate self-awareness, career exploration, and marketable skills. By offering comprehensive, high-quality services, and opportunities, we aim to help students successfully identify and pursue their academic interests and achieve their career aspirations.

Through collaborative efforts with students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff, the University becomes the talent source of choice for employers in the local, regional, national and global marketplace. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in a students’ academic and professional life and CDC is striving to provide them with the best on-campus career counselling facilities. CDC will promote excellence among University students through Employer Relations and Career Development initiatives.