Student Societies

Responsibilities on Cabinet Members

  1. There shall be a cabinet for each society headed by the President.
  2. Recommending the nominees for various portfolios for the cabinet is the responsibility of the Organizer.
  3. No person is eligible for any cabinet position having less than one Academic year or study courses in a University.
  4. The whole Cabinet would work collectively as a single body for a society.
  5. The Cabinet Members would perform their duties mentioned in the “Charter of Students’ Societies, University of Peshawar”.
  6. The cabinet members would perform their duties for Academic year or till the appointment of a new cabinet.
  7. No person can join the cabinet membership of two Societies or two positions in a Society.
  8. Eighty percent attendance in meetings and functions is required for cabinet members for award of certificates.
  9. Ten percent concession in attendance will be given to the active participants in their respective academic institutions, Colleges, Departments and Centres.
  10. Any member of the cabinet can be removed any time for misbehavior, using un-parliamentary language, violating the rules and Charter.
  11. The President of a society would be responsible to look after the business of his/her society. He/She will be responsible to his/her Organizer, chalk out the activities and follow the activities of a Calendar.
  12. The Vice President will act as President in the absence of President.
  13. The General Secretary would keep a proper record of all activities, attendance of the cabinet and general members, minutes of the meetings and keep vigilance on the activities etc. The general Secretary of a Society would submit a copy of attendance to the Deputy Director on the prescribed Performa already provided to them.
  14. The joint Secretary would perform the duties as General Secretary in the absence of General Secretary.
  15. The finance Secretary would be responsible for financial matters of a society and prepare a case in advance for any activity. He will also be responsible to clear the dues within a week.
  16. The Media Secretary of each society would act as a reporter of Central Media Committee. He would send an advance story to Central media Committee, Protocol officer, Print and Electronic Media on regular basis. He would keep a proper record of reports; cuttings etc and send a copy of the report to the office. He would also be responsible for quarterly issue of his/her society with the collaboration of cabinet members and organizers.
  17. The Public Relation Secretary (Male and Female) would be responsible for designing, printing and distribution of invitation cards. They must have a list and contact number of invitees, faculty members, Administrative Heads and key persons in Public and private sector. They would chalk out the program of their society in advance with mutual consultation of Organizer and cabinet members.
  18. The four Zonal Representatives would be responsible to distribute/administer any letter, information, invitation, circular or any task given by the society in their respective zones and recollect the information or get feedback from their zones.