Student Societies

Responsibilities of Organizers and Co Organizers

  1. All the persons involved in the Co-curricular activities of Peshawar University would act according to the “Charter of Students’ Societies, University of Peshawar”, which would be promulgated in the near future after the approval of the competent authority.
  2. The Chief Organizer would act as Chairman of Students’ Societies.
  3. Each Society will be headed by an Organizer and one or two Co-organizers keeping in view the work load and business of a Society.
  4. The first and foremost duty of an Organizer is to organize, supervise and look after his or her society.
  5. The Co-organizer would assist the Organizer in the day to day business of a Society/Club/Association and act as an Organizer in his/her absence.
  6. After the announcement of new membership the Organizer will enlist his/her respective members from the membership forms and give a copy of the list to the concerned office.
  7. He/She would be responsible to select the cabinet members among the members of his/her respective society on merit keeping in view the past experiences, for one year and inform the office within a week. The Organisers would submit the particulars of their respective cabinet members on the prescribed proforma already handed over to them.
  8. Organisers would select a person for the cabinet position having one full academic year in a University. No student is eligible for any cabinet position having less than one academic year.
  9. He/She would chalk out activities for the Session on Wednesdays.
  10. Meeting of the Cabinet, Society can be called only on Wednesday in order to avoid any disturbance in the curricular activities.
  11. He/She would be responsible to organize at least two to three mega events.
  12. He/She would keep a proper record of the activities.
  13. Each Organizer would seek a prior approval from the Provost for an advance amount for any approved activity. The clearance would be made within a week after completing an event.
  14. The Central media Committee has been constituted from the Department of Journalism under the supervision of a faculty member having a full cabinet. Each media secretary will act as reporter of Central Media Committee.
  15. Regular reporting of any activity to the office is the responsibility of an Organizer.
  16. Each Organizer through media secretary will send an advance story to Central Media Committee and Protocol officer. The Central Media Committee, Protocol Officer of Peshawar University and the respective Media Secretary of a Society would be responsible for reporting and coverage of an event or activity. They will remain in touch with print and electronic media.
  17. Any Organizer who does not attend three consecutive official meetings without any valid reason would be relived from his office/duties.
  18. The Organizer once appointed will remain in office for one academic year or till the appointment of a new Organizer. However he/she can submit his resignation after four months on one month prior notice after his/her appointment if he/she so desires.
  19. At least three meetings of Central Organizing Committee would be called in a year on any Wednesday. Emergency meeting of the committee can be called any time if necessary.
  20. Inaugural-cum-farewell function would be arranged once in a year for in-coming and out-going cabinets. The Organizers would jointly arrange such a function.
  21. Each organizer when required would accompany students or a society on their tour, excursion or anywhere in land. He/she would be entitled to TA/DA permissible under the service rules.
  22. For any mega event all the Organizers and cabinet members would collectively shoulder the responsibility.
  23. The Organizers would pinpoint the talented students, keep a record and furnish their information to the office of the Deputy Director. To search, encourage, motivate talented students and keep them busy in healthy constructive activities is the main purpose of running the Societies.
  24. The Organizer after the end of each session would certify the names of meriting cabinet members or general members for awarding Certificates, Shields and Medals subject to maximum attendance, active participation, excellent performance and meritorious services.
  25. The Performance of an Organizer would be judged on the basis of his devotion, excellence in planning, organizing and efficiently administrating multiple activities, motivating students for membership, strength of members, order and discipline, punctuality in meetings and function in his/her society.
  26. The proposed honorarium would be paid to all concerned including the Chief Organizer, Organizers and Co-organizers on the pattern of proctorial board subject to the approval of the competent authority for His/Her additional duties. No person can join two Societies or hold two positions in a Society. However He/She can join on honorary basis for which he/she would be unable to claim additional honorarium. Simply a person would be paid honorarium for single position.