Student Societies

10% Concession in Attendance

The Provost Office, University of Peshawar, has been authorized by the Vice Chancellor to grant relaxation maximum to 10% in attendance for active members of the Students’ Societies while granting this concession, it is requested that following rules be strictly observed.

  1. The application must be forwarded by the President of the Society duly attested by the head of the institution where the concerned applicant is enrolled.
  2. Application must be signed and stamped by the concerned Organizer of the Society and forwarded to the Provost office with comments.
  3. The name of the applicant must be listed in the membership list maintained by the office of the Students’ Societies.

Relaxation to the maximum of 10% shall be determined by the applicant’s attendance out of total number of meetings and functions of the concerned society.

R% = € A/N *100

R% = Relaxation%

A = Attendance of student in Societies activities

N = Total number of meetings and functions of the concerned society