Centralized Resource Laboratory

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA)

Model:             STA8000
Make:               Perkin Elmer, USA
Modes:             TGA, DTA and DSC Simultaneously
Temp. Range:  RT-1500°C

Analytical charges:
Per sample
                                    Up to 600°C                Above 600°C, per 100°C
Students of UOP:             Rs. 1500                      Rs. 100
Non-funded students:      Rs. 2000                     Rs. 150
Funded students:             Rs. 3000                     Rs. 200
Private/Urgent users:       Rs. 4000                     Rs. 500

Analysis Requirements:
The samples should be solid (powder/bulk). Temperature range and heating rate for analysis should be mentioned. The sample amount should be ≥ 10 mg.