Centralized Resource Laboratory

Universal Testing Machine (UTM)


Model:               100-500KN
Make:                Testometric Inc. UK
Tests:                Extension, Compression, Bending, Puncture
Max. Force:       100kN
Temp. Range:    -70 to 300°

Analytical charges

UTM (per sample)
             Students:              Rs. 1100
             Private users:       Rs. 3000

Analysis Requirements:
Mechanical analysis is only possible for solid samples (ceramics, rocks, metals, polymers etc.). For cylindrical samples, the ratio of the diameter (maximum 3 cm) to the height of the samples should be about 1:1.70, while in case of parallelopiped samples. 
In case of metal/polymer/ceramic/rock 
strips, the length of the sample should be at least 10 cm. For metal rods, the diameter should not exceed 1cm.