Centralized Resource Laboratory

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) with EDX


Model:                              JEM-2100
Manufacturer:                  JEOL, Japan
Acc. Voltage:                    200KV
Magnification (Max):         1,500,000X
Resolving power (Max):    1.4Å


1. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDX)
             INCA100/ Oxford instruments, U.K.

             (Analysis range is Boron to Uranium)

2. CCD Camera
             Orious SC600, Gatan, USA
ttom mount, 7MP

Analysis Requirements:

TEM samples can be powder/colloidal solutions for nanoparticles and the minimum amount should be 5mg/0.5ml. If samples are solid materials (ceramics/geological/biological materials) then samples should be prepared by the users, and at least samples should be processed for ultrasonic cutting/dimpling/Ion milling and/or ultramicrotomy.